Safest methods of tree removal in Stockport & surrounding areas

Tree felling within an urban environment is a dangerous and often intricate operation that should not be undertaken without considerable experience and knowledge of working with trees.

To do so may put life at great risk or cause damage to property.

At Myers Tree Care, based in Stockport, our tree surgeons are very experienced in the felling and dismantling of mature trees within confined spaces

Therefore, our company is considered to be a market leader in the specialised area of sectional tree felling.

We are the only privately owned Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor in Stockport and through our employment of the latest and most up-to-date rigging equipment and techniques.

Furthermore, our training in the use of mobile cranes where practical, means our tree surgeons can safely and efficiently dismantle trees with the minimum of disruption to the client and the general public.

Myers Tree Care will always use the safest methods to fell and remove problem trees

No two trees are the same and each may require very different methods of controlled felling and removal; be it over a highway, close to a property or above a greenhouse within the confines of a back garden.

Myers Tree Care’s approach to this often intricate and laborious task is to use the safest and most cost-effective methods available. Wherever practical we utilise mobile site cranes to aid dismantling of large trees, as surprisingly this can often cut costs as well as reduce risks.

We appreciate that when a tree needs to be removed from a property it can sometimes be a difficult time for the customer, perhaps through worry over a liability that the tree has caused, or due to emotional attachment to an old friend (the tree).

With our tree surgeons who are based in Stockport, on-site consultation and advice are available. This means a client can be guided through the whole process and it can make these problems much easier to deal with.

Finally, we can also help a client in their dealings with the local authority if a tree has a preservation order on it, or if it is sited within a conservation area.