Hedge Trimming Tree Surgeons Covering Stockport

Hedge Trimming in Manchester, CheshireOur professional tree surgeons covering Stockport, are industry leaders in maintenance of hedges. No one wants a hideous hedge looking out of control and blocking driveways.

Hedges are a great way to spruce up your garden, many people also use hedges as a boundary of their property. Regardless, all hedges will need trimming to keep them looking in shape, thick and clean.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer or looking for a creative or basic style of a hedge – we are on call to help. Carrying only the right tools for the job wielded by professional arborists, we only perform high-quality work.

What is hedge trimming?

Hedge trimming¬†is to carefully prune the shrubbery’s outer areas to a more cleaner look and shape, but keeping the size. This should not be confused with hedge reduction.

It’s always best to check with our qualified tree surgeons on the species of your hedge before trimming. Did you know the species will define the height or size the hedge can be trimmed to?

Our expert tree surgeons based in Stockport can help on checking this for you.

Why do we need to trim hedges?

An overgrown hedge can cause several obstructions, therefore it’s a common but simple tree surgeon technique.

Here are some reasons why hedge trimming is needed:

  • Styling an overgrown hedge to make it more natural-looking;
  • Clear paths from obstruction;
  • Creating a clear boundary for a property.


Trimming a hedge can be completed by anyone who dabbles in gardening, however, it’s always best to check with a professional tree surgeon how far to trim back. Once you’ve taken too much off it’s hard to balance the hedge out after.

Our Stockport based arborists are highly trained in trimming hedges to shape.

What time of year should we trim our hedges?

For rather young hedges, in the first year, it’s vital to keep up regular pruning promote growth and development. This will be best to undertake in the early spring or late winter.

As the hedge gets older, a couple of years of age, hedge trimming should be completed annually. To get that more formal style, we recommend at least 2-3 cuts each year. Late spring and late summer seasons are the best times to cut these older hedges.

Balancing out a hedge is vital so we like to trim all sides as equal as possible, even in hard to reach areas.

Using Myers Tree Care for hedge trimming in Manchester & Stockport.

Trimming a hedge can quickly turn into a nightmare if not cut correctly. Fortunately, our professional tree surgeons will plan all work in details before the first snip.

Carrying the best in trimming equipment makes shaping a hedge a breeze, consequently, reducing the risk of unnecessarily damaging the hedge.

With nearly 30 years of working in Cheshire, our tree surgeons have a deep understanding of local hedge species. This makes us the ideal choice for hedge trimming throughout the county, including Manchester and Stockport.