Firewood Prices & Delivery in Cheshire, Greater Manchester

Buy local firewood from a trusted Manchester supplier.

  1. Half Load of Firewood (1.1 Cube): £95
  2. Full Load of Firewood (2.2 Cube): £180
  3. Pub Logs 15 Inch (2.2 Cube): £170

Click the link below to go to our firewood ordering page. Your details will be noted and you will receive a callback or e-mail to arrange a time and date for delivery.

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Recycling wood in Cheshire

All jobs undertaken by Myers Tree Care will always involve leftover debris to remove, leading to wood to recycle. Our mission is to protect the environment by reusing this for firewood or wood chipping.

When felling a tree, we sectionally remove pieces of the trunk and branches. The logs and branches are then stored to dry out, ready to use as firewood or kindling.

Our logs are 100% natural, recycled and untreated. This keeps costs low and ready to transport to areas within Cheshire.

Reasons to burn firewood from a tree surgeon

To burn firewood efficiently you may want to invest in a wood stove, chiminea or firepit. Here are the top reasons to buy firewood from our Cheshire based tree surgeons.

  1. Reduces global warming – burning wood releases carbon dioxide a young tree will use to grow.
  2. No warmth like a fire – there’s no feeling like gathering around a fire.
  3. It’s romantic – a glass of wine around a fire is a cheap date night.
  4. Increase your energy efficiency – burning wood is far more environmentally friendly than turning up the thermostat in your home.
  5. Heat a space and save energy – using a stove enable you to boost the heat in one room effectively without increasing your gas bill.
  6. It helps the local environment and businesses – sourcing and buying locally is a great way to help Cheshire’s economy.
  7. Cheaper than gas – when burning recycled firewood it’s a fraction of the price of turning a boiler on.