The most frequently asked tree care questions answered by a tree surgeon

Frequently asked questions about the Myers Tree Care range of Arboreal Services.

Tree and the law.
Q – Can I cut back my neighbour’s tree if it overhangs my garden?

A – Yes you can, so long as you offer the material back to the neighbour. However, we always recommend you discuss any works prior, to avoid any future disputes etc.

High Hedges
Q – What can we do with them?

A – If high hedges are causing you a problem by reducing light to your property etc, you need to consider reducing and trimming them or complete removal and re-planting with a better-suited species of the hedge.

However, if the hedge belongs to a neighbour you must discuss the problem with them and negotiate a solution. If that fails then you need to consult your local planning department and they will advise you of the high hedges planning law.

Trees and subsidence
Q – Can there be a problem with a tree next to my house?

A – Yes, especially if your house is on clay soil. Clay tends to swell and contract depending on the amount of moisture within it.

If you are concerned we would recommend that you engage an approved consultant to undertake a survey for you prior to any works being carried out.

Please contact our office for a referral to our appointed consultant.

Trees and drains
Q – Will tree roots affect my drains if a tree is too close?

A – That will depend on the species of the tree and the age of your drains, generally speaking, the more modern drainage systems are made from plastic which is rarely affected by roots, however, older drains are usually made from clay and from time to time roots will penetrate the pipes and cause problems.

Remember that drainage problems are not always the fault of nearby trees, if in doubt contact an approved consultant to undertake a survey for you.

Specialist cameras can be used to identify potential problems, root samples can be taken for analysis and then identify the problem tree or shrub.

The appearance of my trees and shrubs
Q – How will my trees look?

A- We will give you local examples of our work, and put you in direct contact with the clients to discuss and confirm that the arboreal works were undertaken by Myers Tree Care.

Q – How do I get a quotation?

A – Use Myers Tree Care contact form will liaise with you and arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting at your site or property to discuss your requirements and what work needs to be carried out, our surveyor/tree surgeon will then prepare a full works specification and breakdown of costs with no obligation and forward this for your perusal.

If you then decide to accept the quotation, then a written acceptance or phone call is all that is required.

Q – What does a tree surgeon mean by Crown Lift, Crown Thin, Crown Reduce, and Sectional Felling?

A – Crown Lifting means the selective removal of the trees lower branches to a pre-stated height.

Crown Thinning means the removal of selected branches evenly throughout the canopy of the tree; this is undertaken to a pre-stated percentage as stated in the quotation.

Crown Reduce means a reduction of the whole trees canopy in height and spread, any of these combinations can be undertaken individually. Sectional Felling means the dismantling of a tree within a confined space and in a controlled manner.

Myers Tree Care climbing safely using ropes.
Q- Are my trees protected?

A- Myers Tree Care will undertake all enquiries with the relevant bodies and if needed applications are made on your behalf, once the permission is granted we can book the necessary arboreal works into our system.

Planning the works
Q – When will the work be carried out?

A – Myers Tree Care will liaise with the client to arrange a suitable time for the arboreal work to be undertaken.

Q – How long will it take?

A – This depends on many different factors; our surveyor/tree surgeon will discuss a time-frame for your works with you.

Q – How do we make a payment?

A – After the work has been completed we like to meet with our customers on site, to ensure that all the specified tasks have been carried out to your complete satisfaction.

If our customers are not able to be present, we will call our customers to ensure complete satisfaction of the works carried out.

Once all parties are satisfied, an invoice will be sent to you via email with all the relevant BACS codes on, for you to make payment.

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