Hedge Reduction Tree Surgeons Covering Stockport

Hedge reduction in Manchester, CheshireMyers Tree Care tree surgeons are the first choice for hedge reduction in Stockport, and surrounding areas. Not only is an overgrown hedge unsightly; it can block views and paths.

To make the most of your garden, prune your hedges to improve the look and size. Well-pruned hedges can also create clear lines of boundary for your property.

Firstly, before reducing a hedge, it’s species should be investigated by a professional tree surgeon (such as Myers Tree Care). Not all hedges can have hedge reduction treatment and may need to be removed.

What is hedge reduction?

Hedge reduction is the process of reducing the height (front, back and sides) of the shrubbery equally. This is done by trimming back the stems so the hedge is balanced. Don’t confuse this technique with hedge trimming.

Firstly, our expert tree surgeons will calculate the need for reduction as a percentage. Ideally, a reduction below 50% will maintain the natural health and shape of the shrubbery.

It’s always best to check the species of the hedge with our professional tree surgeons based in Stockport. The species should always be check for the maximum hedge reduction it can tolerate

Why would a hedge need reducing?

To make a hedge more manageable, hedge reduction is used, therefore, it is a very common arborist method.

Hedge reducing can help:

  • Improve the overall appearance of the hedge;
  • Prevent short term overgrowing onto public paths;
  • Set up clear lines of property boundaries;
  • Promote the growth of plants in that have restriction to light under the hedge.

Yes, a homeowner can use hedge reduction in their own gardens, but, it needs to be done skillfully. Reducing a hedge too much can lead to future decay of the shrubbery. It always best to use a skilled tree surgeon professional in these matters.

What is the best time of year for hedge reduction?

Our qualified arborists tend to introduce hedge reduction¬†in April if the hedge is overgrown. This time of year is ideal for cutting shrubbery back to promote growth. Furthermore, it’s at this time of year the hedge will be far more manageable.

Before reducing a hedge, take into account the surrounding environment:

  • Are fences around the shrubbery?
  • Do we expect winds to gust through the area?
  • Are plants under or around the hedge?

Hedges when well-pruned can shelter nearby plants and wildlife.

After the initial reduction, pruning the hedge annually should keep the plant managed. The best time to prune is early in the autumn or spring.

Should you need advice on your particular species of the hedge, our expert tree surgeons can help.

Trusted tree surgeons for hedge reduction in Manchester & Stockport

Only once an in-depth inspection of the hedge, by our tree surgeons based in Stockport, will they propose a plan for hedge reduction.

Having the latest in hedge trimming equipment means we can shape and reduce a hedge with very little problems. A detailed plan with precise tree surgeon techniques, consequently means, no future health problem for your shrubbery.

For nearly two decades our tree surgeons have operated in Cheshire. This means, we have extensive knowledge of the local hedge species and how cutting them affects wildlife in the area.

It’s without doubt, Myers Tree Care is the ultimate choice for hedge reduction throughout Manchester & Stockport.