Crown Thinning Tree Surgeons Covering Stockport Stockport & Manchester

Our tree surgeons covering Stockport have performed crown thinning services numerous times. Ensuring the correct methods and techniques are used is important to ensure the job is done right.

Our professional tree surgeons are qualified to check the tree species before pruning, to both the private and public sectors.

What is a crown thinning?

Crown Thinning in Stockport, ManchesterCrown thinning is simply removing small branches that make up the crown of the tree. The branches that hold the foliage in the outer areas is known as the crown. To thin the tree, we want to remove the branches but keep the size and shape of the tree.

Our qualified tree surgeons will reduce the tree measuring as a percentage, usually 5-30%. We recommend not thinning the tree more than 30% to retain the structure of the tree.

The toleration of crown thinning should always be assessed with the tree species. Professional tree surgeons based in Stockport will help on these matters.

What are the reasons for crown thinning?

Crown thinning should only be used to increase the health or safety of the tree. It is for this reason, it’s a common tree surgeon method.

Take a look at some reasons crown thinning a tree is used:

  • Removal of branches under heavyweight from foliage;
  • Lower the stress from blowing winds;
  • Increase the amount of light;
  • Prevent deadwood by removing branches that rub together.

It’s always best to achieve the least amount of thinning possible, to keep the tree’s health to a maximum. Some of the reasons above can also be achieved through crown reduction.

Our Stockport based tree surgeons will firstly assess the tree before crown thinning begins.

How do you thin the crown of a tree?

To achieve the tree surgeon technique correctly, the tree’s health must be protected.

To thin the crown of a tree:

  • Promote the tree’s food source by keeping as much leafy area as possible;
  • Keep the supporting structure of the tree;
  • The density should still look as naturalĀ  and balanced;
  • Make minimal cuts to prevent the risk of tree decay.

In conclusion, our expert arborists will always promote the health of the tree.

Professional tree surgeons for crown thinning in Manchester & Stockport.

Myers Tree Care perform numerous crown thinning services in Manchester, Stockport and the surrounding areas. In all the work we do, our tree surgeon services:

  • keeps the long term health of the tree in mind;
  • promote safety in all aspects of the tasks we perform.

Our climbers use only the latest in climbing equipment, working safely to effectively thin areas of the tree. All our tree surgeons are trained to identify local tree species, with experience working in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire.