Stump Grinding Tree Surgeons Covering Stockport

Myers Tree Care have expert tree surgeons servicing Stockport and the surrounding area, qualified in stump grinding and removal methods.

Stumps tend to be leftover from tree felling, and we are often hired for stump removal services from the private and public sectors.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinder in Manchester, StockportStump grinding is simply the method of removing a stump (the leftover tree trunk in the ground) after a tree has been felled.

The tool we use for this method is called a stump grinder, the most efficient tool to remove a stump. A stump grinder is an extremely powerful rotating disc that we lower onto a tree stump.

As the stump grinder is lowered, the stump and its roots break away into smaller chunks until the ground level is reached.

Any size tree trump can be safely removed, however, it’s a method our professional tree surgeons based in Stockport have been highly trained to manage.

Why would you want to remove a stump?

In the tree surgeon line of work, stump grinding is a practised art, because we fell so many trees the stumps tend to need removing.

So, a stump may need removing because:

  • It has the potential to cause a trip or injury;
  • The roots of the stump have a disease;
  • A building or road is to be built where the stump is;
  • It is reducing the gardening space;
  • There are persons who hate stumps.

Our Stockport based arborists can assess a tree stump on all the criteria mentioned, and consequently, remove it.

Why use Myers Tree Care for stump grinding & removal in Cheshire?

When it comes to this dangerous method of work, it’s always best to hire the Cheshire’s trusted tree surgeons.

Expert experience, a priority for safety with up to date arborist technology should be top of the list when you hire. Therefore, look no further than your expert tree surgeons Myers Tree Care.

Contractual duties we are performing as tree surgeons are always to the highest calibre in the industry. When we perform stump grinding and removal, our qualified arborist will:

  • ensure minimum disruption to the surrounding area from debris;
  • have the safety of staff and public as the utmost importance;
  • protect the environment and property from damage.

This is why we are the number one choice for stump grinding services in Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester.