Services for the care and maintenance of trees in the Prestbury region

Tree surgeons find Prestbury a great place to work. This popular part of South Manchester is a regular stopping point for our tree surgeon. This small village is known for its protected Conservation Areas, therefore a lot of our tree work is based around Tree Preservation Orders.

Do I need to check for a Tree Preservation Order in Prestbury?

Tree Surgeon in Prestbury
Tree Surgeon in Prestbury

There are multiple conservation areas in the village, so checking for a Tree Preservation order is extremely important. These areas are the east side of Macclesfield Road the nearest to the Methodist church, along with the new road to the north of Butley Cottage and its garden, which make up the conservation area.

There are many structures and buildings in the Conservation Area, four of which were designated as “Focal Buildings” by English Heritage, The Bridge Hotel, Priest’s House, Horner’s and Prestbury Hall.

The village has undergone quite a bit of development since the 1970s. It is easy to see this at Packsaddle Park. Additionally, many existing homes in the village have been renovated. If you are near these areas, it is advisable to check for a TPO and the impact of tree work on the nearby buildings.

As time goes on, tree felling around homes has become more and more popular. Increasingly, homeowners of Prestbury are taking advantage of the relaxation of the building regulations to extend their homes, while reducing the amount of land required.

The removal of trees is not an easy process, as the trees may need to be checked for protection orders in certain situations. Fortunately, our arborists can provide assistance through Prestbury Parish Council’s legislation. After a tree is removed, our customers typically ask us to grind up the leftover tree trunk, which we do with Stump Grinders.

Some of our work has taken us to the surrounding villages to provide tree care, and to some scenic locations, such as: Bradley Mount, Bollington Cross, Greendale, Wilmslow and Butley Town.

Choosing a tree surgeon in your area

Choosing a tree surgeon in Prestbury who has the skill set to handle all kinds of tree care is crucial. We have tree surgeons who live locally in the North West of England and work regularly in the Greater Manchester area, so we have the local knowledge required.

Further, we have been rated highly by hundreds of customers in the area, found online here. CHAS accreditation also means that you can verify our qualifications, indicating that we can advise and complete a job at the expert level to which we trained.

During the site visit, Dave Myers will personally meet with our team of tree surgeons to let them know the work that needs to be done. Here are a few of the types of tree work we do in Prestbury on a regular basis:

  • Crown Reductions – A reduction in tree height or width to protect property nearby,
  • Crown Thinning – The process of selectively removing inner branches to reduce wind loads,
  • Crown Raising – The cutting of lower branches increases the ground clearance of the tree,
  • Tree Felling & Removal – Remove a tree completely due to disease or storm damage,
  • Stump Grinding – We can grind away your stump in order to prevent tripping hazards for you,
  • Tree Management – Because we are qualified arborists, we are able to report on the tree’s condition,
  • Hedge Trimming & Landscape Services – Whether you need your garden cleaned up or hedges trimmed, no job is too big or small.

We can provide you with simple advice on tree care and a site visit by calling 0161 449 956.


Myers is knowledgeable and efficient. Working with him on a recent building project was a pleasure. We learned quite a bit about trees from this very knowledgeable individual.

J Lothian, Prestbury

Our private road was destroyed by a large oak tree last year and we did not want this to happen again. A survey conducted by Dave and his team revealed a number of trees at risk. I am satisfied with the service, and I plan on returning for all necessary repairs.

Mr Carrington, Prestbury

This arborist provided exceptional service. A crane helped Dave with the impossible task of removing a tree from our teeny back garden. Your work is excellent!

S Daly, Prestbury

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