Stockport Tree Surgeon’s sectional felling of Blue Cedar

Over the past 15 years, Stockport tree surgeons Myers Tree Care have carried out a large amount of sub-contract work for one of our industry partners based in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

In more recent years we have undertaken many of their more sizable tree work contracts for them, or for their clients directly.

Last November David Myers received a call from Mr Smith, a long-serving Retford customer, who had serious issues with a mature Blue Cedar in his garden.

The tree had suffered severe damage caused by heavy snowfall, which had resulted in multiple branch failures.

The damaged tree posed a serious threat to the safety of the owners and the neighbouring property and its occupants as some of the limbs were still partially attached.

With limited time before the Christmas holidays to complete any essential tree surgery works our tree surgeons quickly carried out a site consultation and discussed options for treatment.

It was crucial to decide what was the best long-term method of management to suit both the tree and the client’s needs.

After discussing all the options it was agreed to undertake essential tree services of branch removal and tidying of torn limbs to make the tree safe over the Christmas period.

Tree Surgeon services are often in demand beyond Stockport

Our tree work team attended site the following day and carried out the essential works and also undertook a full assessment of the upper canopy to determine the condition of the branch structure that was still intact.

Unfortunately, the inspection revealed that the tree either required a heavy reduction or it would have to be completely felled, as the snow had overloaded the branch structure beyond its safe limits resulting in the splitting of the branch and trunk wood.

Although a substantial crown reduction was one of the options it was not our recommended choice – even if it was undertaken in an ethical manner the tree would look far different to its natural appearance and would never properly recover.

This option would also leave the client with a potentially huge liability for future years and no guarantee that further limbs would not be lost in high wind or storm conditions.

After discussion with the client, it was agreed that the best long-term solution was to remove the tree completely and re-plant a sizable replacement within the same area.

Having made the decision over the December holidays Mr Smith instructed us to book the work in for early April when he would be returning from travels.

On the agreed date a team of 3 tree care operatives, including a tree surgeon and climber travelled to the worksite with all relevant equipment to fell and remove the damaged Blue Cedar.

This included a tracked wood-chipper, various sized chainsaws and lowering equipment etc.

As the site was some distance from Stockport, Myers Tree Care’s usual area of operation, we had prearranged for a local timber merchant to purchase and remove the timber once we had undertaken the sectional felling of the tree.

Our tree removal team arrived at 7.30 am and completed the felling work swiftly and efficiently, being ready to leave the site at 3.30 pm.

All woodchip was left on site for the client’s own use with all other timber being removed from the site the following day by the local contractor.

The replacement tree was sourced from Barcham’s in Cambridgeshire and planting was carried out 3 weeks after felling of the damaged tree.

The replacement was over 5 metres in height and gave an instant impact to Mr Smith’s garden.

Our long-distance client from Retford was delighted to have contacted Stockport tree surgeon David Myers to tackle his tree care problems. The photos on this page were taken by Mr Smith as we worked on his tree.