Myers Tree Care provides a comprehensive range of services for all kinds of tree related problems and client requirements for the area of Stockport.

From sectional felling of mature trees to the milling timber and constructing garden furniture.

Operations that are provided include removal of deadwood, crown reduction, crown thinning, sectional felling, stump grinding and, most importantly, tree planting.

There are too many contractors that do not provide a planting service, this very important activity and helps maintain a regular cover of trees for the betterment of our environment and improvement of the landscape.

What is Tree Pruning & do you need it?

There are various methods of pruning trees, these are dependant upon the client’s requirements as well as the tree’s needs.

Dead wooding involves the removal of deadwood for aesthetic reasons as well as Health and Safety. This reduces the risk of wood falling, causing damage to cars, property etc.

Crown Reduction, Crown Thinning & Crown Reduction

  • Crown reduction is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake and involves the reduction of the canopy, usually to reduce the sail area, either for structural reasons or location, e.g. too close to a structure or overhead service etc.
  • Crown thinning, is the removal of selected branches within the canopy to allow light penetration. Some trees should not be thinned, as it would be detrimental to the health of the tree.
  • Crown lifting is the removal of selected lower branches, this is usually undertaken to reduce pedestrian and vehicular contact with the lower canopy over pavements and roads.

Another common service we offer is Tree Pollarding.

Tree Felling & Tree Removal Services

When a tree becomes dangerous or dies it could fail and create serious damage to property or people. To avoid this worst-case scenario, the tree is removed by sectional felling or felling in one, dependant upon site conditions.

We specialize in the removal of mature trees in confined spaces, employing the latest lowering and rigging techniques and equipment. This equipment enables the Arborist (climber) to remove timber from trees over garages, walls and even house roofs to the amazement of the clients.

With all tree services, there will be debris – feel free to think about is for site clearance.

What is Stump Grinding & Stump Removal?

Once a tree has been felled the end product is an ugly stump, which can cause all manner of problems from lawn mower damage to an unusable area of ground or garden. Stumps are also an ideal food source to harbour fungi; these fungi can be a serious threat to other trees within the immediate proximity to the stump.

It is therefore beneficial to have the stump removed. These stumps are removed by the employment of a Stump grinder this machine is driven hydraulically and only requires 3ft access, this machine is capable of removing any size of the stump and will access stumps over most terrain.

Vegetation Management Services

We undertake the removal of vegetation from footpaths and many forms of structure from bridge abutments to mill chimneys; this is a very popular service that we provide to our larger clients prior to repair work being carried out etc.

This includes: