Tree Surgeon in Stockport new tree felling video

Tree Surgeon in Stockport in a new video showcasing tree felling activities.

Sectional felling of large trees on a busy Stockport road

This video of Myers Tree Care in action shows why they are the first choice for the toughest tree surgery jobs in Stockport. Tree surgeon and expert climber David Myers are shown sectional felling huge Beech trees with his Tree Work team in Compstall, Stockport.

Being on a busy road, a high level of skill and organisation was needed to coordinate the tree work with traffic management to ensure minimal disruption to traffic flow in a safe environment.

Felling of large and difficult trees is bread and butter to this experienced tree surgeon in Stockport.

Tree cutting and sectional dismantling in Stockport Area

Due to limited space in an area, sectional felling is required to safely dismantle a tree. This technique avoids obstacles like buildings, powerline or pathways, by carefully removing sections.

Dismantling a tree in sections included a variety of methods and techniques. A tree is assessed on a case by case basis to ensure the correct methods are used. Knowledge and experience is a key requirement in these scenarios.

As you can see from the video, an expert tree climber will span to the top of the tree and secure an anchor point. They will then descend down the tree to begin work on the lower branches, working from bottom to the top.

Only the safest rigging equipment is used to ensure the safety of our tree climbers, and the falling of any section of the tree. All our tree surgeons are professionally trained to safely lower branches and logs to the ground.