Stockport Tree Surgeon supports Marple Park

Local photographer Arthur Procter was stunned at the speed and efficiency that Stockport Tree Surgeon, Myers Tree Care, used to dismantle a tree in Marple Memorial Park.

He’d barely got his camera and video set up before it seemed that Dave and his crew were sweeping up the sawdust, piling up the logs and leaving the area even cleaner and tidier than when they started.

The reason Arthur was there is that local tree surgeon David Myers had agreed to help Friends of Marple Memorial Park with the removal of a tree that needed to be felled completely free of charge.

Arthur photographed and videoed the action so that the Friends group can put it on their web site and promote Myers Tree Care’s generosity.

The process Dave used is called sectional felling, where the tree is dismantled in small sections, but the team worked so quickly that it was probably just as fast as felling in one, which may have damaged the surround shrubs and lawn.

Fastest Tree Surgeon in Stockport?

This report is written by Mark Whittaker of Friends of Marple Memorial Park, who met Dave and his team at 8 am in the park. Mark left to take the grandchildren to school and by the time he returned Myers Tree Care had finished up, swept up and were on their way to the next Tree Surgeon job in Manchester.

Mark says “The Friends of the Park are extremely grateful to Dave and Myers Tree Care, not only for removing this tree free of charge so quickly and efficiently but also for the fantastic support that they have given to the park over many years since the Friends of the park were formed.”