Tree Surgeons Fell Giant Ash Tree in Mellor, Stockport

Stockport Tree Surgery By Local ArboristsWe received a call from a resident of Mellor in Stockport, Greater Manchester, about a large Ash tree that we had first done work on many years earlier.

More recently our tree care team had to remove a large storm damaged limb that had fallen from the tree during severe weather.

The Ash tree was located on the edge of the client’s garden and a large percentage of the canopy overhung a lane.

As the fallen limb had narrowly missed a car, and given the increased risk that the tree now presented, the client decided it would be safer to have it removed.

The huge Ash tree stood approximately 80 feet tall and had a large canopy spreading sideways across the lane.

Having explained the arboricultural techniques our tree surgeons would use to dismantle it to the customer we arranged a suitable time to undertake the planned tree works.

As there were other properties at the end of the lane whose owners would need access we then liaised with them in an effort to limit the inconvenience of temporarily blocking the lane whilst we undertook the work.

During the first day on-site the canopy was dismantled by our tree surgeon/climber by sectional felling and the arising waste materials were processed by our tree care operatives.

As the tree was so large there was a significant volume of heavy timber that had to be lowered throughout the day in a safe and controlled manner in order to avoid any damage to the surrounding trees and property.

Stockport Tree Surgeons vs Enormous Tree

On the second day, the timber sections got increasingly larger and whilst sectional felling the main stem the tree surgeon/climber had to link two 3 metre long steel strops together to establish a secure attachment to the tree whilst cutting the stem.

This is a very unusual occurrence in the UK as most native trees rarely exceed 3 metres in circumference. This Ash tree actually measured at least 5 metres around and in order to make single cuts through the stem, the largest chainsaw with a 4-foot bar was used.

Once each section was cut by the tree surgeon they were slid off the top and into the waiting dumper below for removal off-site. When the stem or trunk had been reduced to a manageable height, our crane wagon was used to lift it off the cut stump.

The trunk, which weighed approximately 3 tons, was then lowered onto the truck and taken back to our yard for conversion into planks with the use of Myers Tree Care’s own sawmill.

Once converted into planks the timber was then recycled and utilised for many applications ranging from bespoke log stores to garden benches and chopping boards.

This is an important part of our overall tree care philosophy that ensures we make full use of our resources and demonstrates that we act responsibly and proactively with this natural medium, thus reducing waste and the need to utilise landfill etc.