Stockport Tree Surgeon plants new trees on Dan Bank, Marple

Stockport’s Tree Surgeon Myers Tree Care began the re-planting of Dan Bank on Wednesday 23rd March. The planting is the second phase of Myers Tree Care’s involvement in the Dan Bank Project and is one of the most satisfying elements of a tree surgeon’s work. It will be carried out progressively over the next few weeks, as the main contractor releases areas of the site that will no longer be disturbed by further invasive works.

There are a total of 70 Standard trees to be planted with an average height of 2 metres and these will be staked and tied to aid their establishment on the banking. Also to be planted are approximately 1,600 whips with an average height of 1 metre. The species of trees are of native provenance and include Yew, Ash and Oak plus many others.

As well as the trees, there is also a range of native wildflowers to be planted in designated areas. Once all the planting work has been undertaken, the main contractor will then cover the areas affected by the works with locally sourced topsoil, which will cover all the earth retention materials and make the whole site more aesthetically pleasing.

Hopefully when our work is finished local people will be reassured that steps have been taken to compensate the immediate landscape for the widening works that have been carried out. Within a short time its recovery should become apparent and in the longer-term ‘Dan Bank’ will benefit from the more pro-active management determined by the ten-year Woodland Management Plan that has been put in place for the whole of Dan Bank Wood.

Being a local tree surgeon, I am proud that Myers Tree Care was awarded the technically difficult tree work aspects of this major project and to have undertaken them to the high Arboricultural standards that are expected of us. I am also very pleased to have been given the responsibility for planting of the new trees as, like many people who live in Marple, I will pass them pretty much every working day for many years to come.

Tree surgery works on Dan Bank, Marple

Stockport Council awarded Myers Tree Care two key elements of the tree surgery works on Dan Bank, Marple, in January 2011.

The first part of our involvement was to remove the trees that would have proved too technically difficult for the nighttime contractor to undertake in the dark. The work was carried out safely during the daytime whilst the road remained ‘live’ and was completed on Friday 28 January, ready for the nighttime works to commence during the overnight road closures.

As the only privately owned approved contractor of the Arboricultural Association in the Stockport area this part of the work was particularly suited to our skills of dealing safely with trees in difficult situations.

A gallery of photos taken during our part of the tree removals is included at the bottom of the page.

Myers Tree Care was not involved in the overnight tree surgery works that were carried out from 31 January; another contractor did this on behalf of the council.

The report in 9th February’s Stockport Express – that we attended a protest with local councillors to answer residents’ questions – was not correct. We did not attend this protest, as we are not involved in the overnight phase of the works that attracted the attention of local residents.

Dan Bank tree removal emergency dealt with by Myers Tree Care

This is not the first time Myers Tree Care has worked on Dan Bank. Back in April 1999 we also carried out the emergency removal of a mature Beech tree that failed and fell across the highway during rush hour. Fortunately nobody was injured and as a locally based tree surgeon from Marple Bridge we were able to ensure that the road was re-opened quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.