Crown Reduction Tree Surgeons Covering Stockport & Manchester

Our tree surgeon covering Stockport have performed crown reduction services. Its important tree care is completed professionally to ensure the job is done right.

Tree surgeons at Myers Tree Care are qualified to operate in domestic and commercial sites. All tree species are assessed before any cutting or pruning is performed.

What is a crown reduction?

Crown reduction in Stockport, CheshireCrown reduction means reducing the outer mass of a tree’s spread and height, to make the shape smaller. The crown is the area of branches that holds the leaves.

To reduce the crown, we strategically cut branches that hold the leaves (foliage). A professional tree surgeon will measure in metres the reduction as a percentage from 5-30%.

The species of the tree will decide the maximum crown reduction the tree can receive. Our professional tree surgeons based in Stockport are qualified to help identify the species.

What are the reasons for crown reduction?

Crown reduction is used to protect the tree’s long term health, it’s a popular tree surgeon method.

Some reasons to reduce the crown are:

  • Preventing the tree from getting too close to property;
  • Preserving the tree’s canopy after storm damage;
  • Removing areas of a tree from hitting power lines above;
  • Taking out branches that are under tension;
  • Reducing the risk of winds causing damage;
  • Promoting the tree’s growth

By performing crown reduction we can reduce the chance of long term health risks. Reducing the tree by a minimal amount is always advised. An alternate option for some of the above reasons is crown thinning.

A full tree health assessment by out Stockport based tree surgeons will be performed before the crown reduction is performed.

How do you reduce the crown of a tree?

Crown reduction should not be confused with crown topping. To avoid further tree health problems, our tree surgeons perform reducing techniques with care.

Reducing of the crown involves:

  • Making sure maximum foliage remains;
  • Checking the supporting structure of the tree remains;
  • Leaving a balanced and natural look;
  • Cutting back to the growth point of a branch;
  • Preventing decay by making minimal cuts.

The long term health is always considered, our tree surgeons will, therefore, make minimal cuts to the areas of health in the tree.

Leaves of the tree are a valuable source of photosynthesis, so we want to retain these areas where we can. Furthermore, growth points are maintained as much as possible, to avoid the risk of decay in the future.

Ideally, an experienced tree surgeon should always be hired for these reasons.

Why are Myers Tree Care tree surgeon leaders in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire

Our tree surgeons in Stockport have gained a huge amount of experience reducing crowns across Manchester and Cheshire. All our tree care services are performed to:

  • protect the long term health of the tree;
  • keeping public safety in mind.

This makes Myers Tree Care the ideal choice for crown reduction services.