Crown Raising Tree Surgeons Covering Stockport

Our expert tree surgeons covering Stockport are the ideal choice for crown raising services. It’s always best to use a qualified local arborist to complete tree care tasks.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer, we work to the same high health and safety standards.

What is a crown raising or lift?

Crown raising in Manchester, CheshireTo achieve a successful crown raise or crown lift, the idea is to remove the lower branches from the tree. The outer areas of the tree’s canopy which supports the leaves are known as the crown.

Furthermore, our tree surgeons will measure the crown line of raising in metres, converting this number to a “percentage of lift”.

A guideline we use is to not cut this crown line more than 15% of the crown height. Ideally, less than 66% of the total tree height.

Myers Tree Care, professional tree surgeons based in Stockport, can advise on the best way forward.

Why do we offer crown raising as a service?

Crown raising is best used to increase the clearance of lower branches from the ground. It’s a very common tree surgeon technique.

Some possible reasons we may want to remove the low branches are:

  • they are causing obstruction to pass vehicle;
  • branches are hitting surrounding property;
  • light under the tree is being blocked;
  • views below the tree line are being blocked.

Comparing this technique to crown thinning or crown reduction, there are far fewer risks to the tree’s health. However, the task should be repeated annually.

Stockport based tree surgeons, Myers Tree Care, will first offer a health assessment before crown raising has started.

How do you raise the crown of a tree?

All our qualified tree surgeons will work to promote the health of the tree and avoid unnecessary damage to the tree.

To raise a crown, it’s always best to:

  • Keep as many leafy areas as possible, it’s the food source for the tree;
  • Make sure the structure that supports the tree remain;
  • Let the smaller branches of the tree remain to promote growth;
  • Not over-prune the branches as it can lead to decay.

Consequently, if this advice is not followed it can lead to future health risks and problems for the tree.

Expert tree surgeons we employ will have the tree’s health in mind when crown raising.

Why Myers Tree Care is the best choice for Crown Raising in Manchester & Stockport?

Throughout Cheshire, our professional tree surgeons have performed crown raising to high standards. It’s these standards that ensure our customers always received expert tree care, which means:

  • the health of the trees are always protected;
  • your property and nearby pedestrians are safe from dangerous debris.

Health and safety are what sets our expert tree surgeons apart from, and why we are the first choice for tree surgery in Stockport & Manchester.