Unlike some Tree Surgeons, Myers Tree Care takes arboreal waste disposal very seriously.

Professional tree surgeons provide an essential service that helps maintain a well-managed and aesthetic landscape for everyone to enjoy, whilst also preserving the balance of our ecosystem. At Myers Tree Care we actively help to encourage the healthy growth and development of trees and shrubs. What’s more, all our trimmings, chippings and timber are used for making timber products including garden furniture where at all possible.

With our roadside chipping operations we can return our client’s green waste in a more functional form for use within their garden as mulch, which reduces maintenance and the need to use chemical weed killers. This also helps reduce transportation and other hidden costs to our environment. When our clients do not require waste, it is transported back to our holding depot where it is separated and recycled; for example, large stems of timber are planked and milled for furniture construction etc. Large pieces of poor quality wood are used for firewood, while all smaller timber is either passed on as firewood or ground down into chips and transported to chip mills for the production of chipboard or to power stations.

Myers Tree Care produces over 5,000 tonnes of wood waste per year, of which 98 % is recycled.

The Environment Agency is now requiring that all tree surgeons and arboricultural contracting companies who regularly transport materials and waste, for example woodchip, brushwood and logs, have to hold a Waste Carrier’s licence to do so.

Any professional and environmentally aware tree care company will hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence and will only be too happy to show you a copy of this if required. To check if a company holds a licence, simply contact your local Environment Agency.