Alderley Edge arborist services: maintenance and care of trees

Tree Surgeon Alderley Edge
Tree Surgeon Alderley Edge

Tree work opportunities for tree surgeons are good in Alderley Edge. Our tree surgeons are regularly seen in this popular area of South Manchester. Alderley Edge, which lies within Cheshire’s Golden Triangle, is known for its affluence and high-end homes. The town has a variety of cafes and designer shops and has attracted celebrities, actors and multi-millionaires. The borough is one of the most expensive and desirable places to live outside of central London.

For these reasons, most of our tree care work includes tree surveys across manor gardens and remedial works for the tree’s health and public safety. We have been known to serve several premier league stars in the area to keep their trees in amazing healthy condition and create stunning landscape visuals.

But it’s not just famous or wealthy people we cater for. The average homeowner, business or council can afford our top-rated tree services.

For example, our work can take us to public accessed parks. Owned by the National Trust, The Edge is a popular tourist attraction. The wooded area is well maintained and is a popular day-trip destination for people from Manchester as well as Wilmslow and Macclesfield; 300,000 visitors visit annually.

It is vital that tree surgeons, like Myers Tree Care, survey the tree’s of the park to ensure they do not pose a danger to the public. This means checking the tree’s health for disease, risk of falling debris and obstructions to public pathways. For these reasons, our tree care services are employed to undertake any remedial work required, whether that be pruning branches back or felling trees.

Your home, whether big or small, may require us to inspect and complete similar tasks.

Choosing a tree surgeon in your area

Alderley Edge tree surgeons should have the skill set to handle all types of tree care projects. Locally, we have tree surgeons living in the North West of England and we regularly work in Greater Manchester, so we have the local knowledge of trees and policies we need.

Further, we have been rated highly by hundreds of customers in the area, found online here. CHAS accreditation also means that you can verify our qualifications, indicating that we can advise and complete a job at the expert level to which we trained.

Our team of tree surgeons will personally meet with Dave Myers during the site visit to review the work that needs to be completed. We often perform the following tree work in Alderley Edge:

  • Crown Reductions – Trees are pruned for protection of nearby properties,
  • Crown Thinning – Cutting away inner branches for reduced wind loads,
  • Crown Raising – The lower branches of the tree are cut to increase its clearance from the ground,
  • Tree Felling & Removal – In the event a tree has been completely destroyed by disease or a storm we can remove the tree completely,
  • Stump Grinding – Our company can grind away your stump so that it does not become a tripping hazard,
  • Tree Management – Having been trained as arborists, we can evaluate the health of trees,
  • Hedge Trimming & Landscape Services – There is no job too big or small for us, whether it is cleaning up your garden or trimming your hedges.

By calling our tree care experts on 0161 449 956, we can offer simple advice on proper tree care and schedule a site visit


​​Great experience from beginning to end.
Taking care of trees requires specialized skills. It is reasonable to expect to pay for quality.
A great balance between value for money (best quote) and the expertise (excellent job) of Dave and his team
Despite having to wait a few weeks for them to arrive, they were courteous and arrived on time. Dave deserves special recognition for ensuring the place was left clean and tidy.
We look forward to seeing you next year, Dave and team.

E Rashford, Alderley Edge

The service provided by Myers Tree Care could not be recommended more highly. The team of arborists that undertook the work were friendly, efficient and left everything very tidy after removing trees from my garden in Stockport at a fair price. They kept me informed throughout the process. I am very impressed.

J Collins, Alderley Edge

In our garden, Dave and his friendly team removed an ash tree that showed signs of deterioration. Our experience, from the initial consultation to removal, was extremely professional. We appreciated the team’s respect for our garden and for those of our neighbours whose gardens were affected, and they took great care to clean up after themselves when they left our garden.

P Donello, Alderley Edge

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