The majority of trees take care of themselves, but in the urban environment – trees may need a little care.

Myers Tree Care offers a range of Tree Services.

Reasons for Tree Care

Sometimes intervention is needed when a tree:

  • becomes too large for a certain area
  • develops an infection
  • becomes unsafe due to hanging branches
  • has falling debris, such a large branches

It may be necessary for a skilled arborist to intervene in these matters. Removing dead wood, regulating a tree’s shape or size can all be done to promote safety or improve the tree’s timber, fruit or flowers.

Here’s some terminology used by professional tree surgeons. A basic understanding of these terms can help you understand what’s needed in Tree Management.

What is a Tree Crown?

The crown is the top part of a tree which includes the main branches from the tree trunk.

Crown Thinning

By removing the secondary branches strategically can produce a balanced crown structure. This can be achieved without changing the shape or the size of the tree itself. This results in:

  • improving light levels
  • reducing the wind load blowing through the tree
  • removal of weak branches

Crown Lifting

This involves the removal of the lower branches of a tree. This will lift the height of the crown. Usually, this is done to:

  • increase the clearance between the ground and low branches
  • improve light to areas below the tree
  • improve the look of a tree.

Crown Reduction

A process of removing the tips of the branches. By pruning back areas to a point of growth further down the branch.

When this is completed over the whole tree, the crown size is reduced. Crown reduction is a great way to:

  • reduce a tree’s size
  • lessen the effects of wind blowing through the tree
  • identify the weaknesses of the tree


The structure of a tree can be improved by the selective removal of branches. Usually, this is done to assist young trees to develop into a stronger better-shaped tree.

Pruning ensures there are strong branch attachments and overall a better crown structure.


Property owners will know the pleasures of tackling an overgrown hedge. There are two choices in trimming it back if it sheds its leaves annually.

Slightly overgrown hedges often require a “minor cutback”, allowing a new layer to form on the outside.

Badly overgrown hedges may need to be cut back up to a foot from the ground. Not all plant species are acceptable to this treatment.

In some cases, the entire hedge can be removed and then replanted with a more suitable hedging plant.

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