Tree Surgeons Clear Vegetation In The Centre Of Stockport

stockport tree surgeons clean up vegetation
During the course of Myers Tree Care’s work as Stockport’s trusted tree surgeons, we received an enquiry from one of our larger clients to present a price for the vegetation clearance of this vast site in the centre of Stockport, once famous for producing world-class Bailey Bridges.

The former Thomas Storey site near to the Portwood roundabout in Stockport, comprises of just over 14 acres of disused industrial brownfield land on various levels with severe banking and all manner of hazards, from un-protected sewer access pipes to drug users paraphernalia!

Our tree care specialists completed a site survey to enable the production of a quote and detailed method statements for safe working practices to be used. Following the site visit, we calculated the costs and presented it to our client for approval.

Once all parties were satisfied we were instructed to complete the vegetation clearance works as soon as possible to avoid the bird-nesting season.

Our tree care operatives needed a central and accessible location to stockpile the logs and woodchip for handling and preparation for their removal from the site towards the end of the contract.

Stockport Tree Surgeons cleared this site near Portwood Roundabout

Vegetation clearance began along the Northern boundary, which was the site of Stockport’s former Tiviot Dale Railway Track. This allowed the erection of protective fencing to ensure that the site was secured from the general public. This area of the site had the larger trees within it whilst the rest of the site vegetation consisting mainly of Buddleia and Hawthorn.

Over a fourteen-day period, a total of four 40ft trailers were used by our recycling partners Boden’s to remove just over 100 tonnes of woodchip from the site. The ultimate end product of woodchip is normally chipboard or heating fuel and in this case, much of the recycled waste was forwarded to Wythenshawe Hospital as fuel for their heating boilers.

Stockport Tree Surgeon clearing vegetationThis large vegetation removal contract was on a high profile site in the centre of Stockport and required a fast turnaround to ensure dates and time limits were adhered to avoid delays to the client’s overall project. Myers Tree Care’s operatives achieved this with four days to spare.

David Myers said afterwards, “It was sad to see this site derelict for many years as there was once a very busy and successful business here that employed hundreds of people throughout the Stockport area. Thomas Storey was a well-known manufacturer whose products were used throughout the world. At least now the site will be given a new lease of life and will again provide jobs for local people instead of being an industrial wasteland.”