Tree Surgeon tackles tree clearance in Romiley, Stockport

As Stockport’s leading tree surgeons Myers Tree Care have worked for the owners of the Chadkirk Mill Estate, in Romiley, Stockport, for some ten years. During that time we have undertaken a variety of arboricultural works to enable them to expand this once run-down site and make it more presentable.

This particular de-vegetation and tree removal project was an interesting challenge as the area that needed to be cleared was the former water holding pond for the mill from the years of steam and waterpower.

The area had been drained but was still holding water because it was clay-lined. Work began at the end of November and the duration of the contract was two weeks – they were a very cold and wet two weeks, with heavy rain and icy conditions.

In some places, the water was as much as two feet deep, which meant that our tree care workers had to wear special chainsaw protective waders.

This was to ensure compliance with safety regulations and our approved method statement developed after assessing the risks involved.

A tracked chipper and dumper were employed, as these were the only form of machine that could access the site due to the incredibly wet conditions and the risk of the heavy equipment sinking.

Chadkirk Mill Estate in Romiley, Stockport presents Tree Surgeons with a challenge

Once our wading tree surgeons had done their work the cut material was chipped onto our purpose-built tracked dumper and the arisings were tipped in a central location for decomposing and for use on the site later during the re-landscaping works. All the trees and shrubs had re-generated naturally over the years and comprised mainly of Birch, Goat Willow and Alder.

There was not much in the way of logs and 90% of the waste material was chipped. The few logs that were generated were given to the local mill cottages for winter fuel. This satisfied their needs and also helped to avoid any local conflict etc, which can often occur when derelict sites are prepared for re-use.