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Stockport Tree surgeon makes Eucalyptus tree safe

This Marple customer was concerned about the safety of her Eucalyptus tree in the event of high winds during the approaching winter. She was delighted with the tree maintenance work done by our tree surgeon and amazed at how tidy we left the job after he'd finished his work!

I was worried about my Eucalyptus tree which had dropped branches in the past and had a few branches this summer that had gone brown. My main concern was making the tree safe so it didn't drop on my garden buildings, but I also wanted to preserve the tree as I am fond of it. It was in a difficult spot to access. Myers Tree Care came out and completely exceeded my expectations. My confidence was gained because they too cared about the tree and assured me that they would not do anything to compromise its looks or health. This tree had also been dropping leaves all over my garden in the summer. When I returned from work I was amazed to see how healthy the tree looked and how safe I felt ready for the high winds of the pending winter. But the best bit was how clean my garden was! I dont know how they cleaned up all the leaves (do they have a garden hoover lol) but it was absolutely perfect! I will only give credit if it is due, but I was so happy with the service from start to finish I had to leave a review. Ps - if you read this website you will see this company knows and loves trees and will look after you! Or come and see me, ha ha! Amanda Gilbody, Marple.

Date of Posting: 05 October 2010
Posted By: Amanda Gilbody
Marple, Stockport