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Tree surgeon in Marple utilises a Skyline!

Special measures were needed when working as a tree surgeon in Marple recently. The job was the sectional felling of an over-mature Weeping Willow that had grown at 45 degrees and hung over a garage and neighbouring gardens. We dismantled it using a Skyline to avoid additional effort and disruption or damage to the client and neighbouring garden. Unusually the client inspected the job via a mobile phone but we're always happy to embrace technology if it helps us give customer satisfaction like this!

Dear Mr. Myers,

Thank you very much for the work that you and your team completed yesterday. Please feel free to use any part of this as a testimonial.

I've had to judge your work from a mobile phone camera held by our son in law but the results look impressive. Throughout, you worked efficiently and to a high standard with the work being completed far more quickly and to a significantly lower cost compared to other estimates I was given. From the camera shots, you look to have done a very thorough tidy up too. Thank you for following our instructions so accurately.

I could see that the willow logs have been stacked by the neighbouring road. I presume that you will be removing as stated on your schedule.

I'd happily use your services again and recommend you.

Many thanks,

Charles Farr

Date of Posting: 03 February 2017
Posted By: Charles Farr
Marple, Stockport