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Tree surgeon in Derbyshire maintains wisteria

Another venture across the border as a tree surgeon in Derbyshire, this time maintaining an ancient wisteria on an even older cottage in Buxworth, High Peak. It is pleasing to be given the opportunity to care for such a faboulous specimen and a side of our arborial expertise that we don't get to use ofen enough.

25We have a 17th century cottage with a magnificant wisteria at the front and side of the house.

We had pruned it ourselves from time to time but the time had come for a general overhaul tidy up and re-bracketing.

Quite by chance we tracked down Dave Myers who it turns out had tended it for our predecessors.

We were delighted with his work and for the professional care and attention delivered.

This vast wisteria is now properly supported and now that it is out in full bloom looks even more fantastic than ever.

Thanks, John & Shelagh Wolfson

Date of Posting: 11 May 2011
Posted By: John & Shelagh Wolfson
private home owners, Buxworth, High Peak