Myers Tree Care Customer Testimonials

Here are testimonials collected from satisfied customers in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and beyond who have used our professional tree surgeon and tree care services over many years. If you're a new customer then we'd welcome the chance to earn your testimonial too!

Tree surgeon in Glossop's job well done!

A tree surgeon in Glossop does a good job keeping the customer happy. Yes, it's Myers!

Thank you for a job well done, the two young men were very efficient and cleared up the rubbish. I was very pleased with both the work done and a job well done. Have put the cheque in the post, I hope this is satisfactory.

Thank you once again, Mrs D. Woodall

Date of Posting: 15 December 2016
Posted By: Mrs D. Woodall
Glossop, Derbyshire

Tree surgeon in Cheshire "is the best" says Bostock Hall

If you need a tree surgeon in Cheshire capable of dealing with large trees in close proximity to your buildings, take the lead from Bostock Hall.

2122Hi Dave & The Myers Tree Care Team

Thank you for a professional job.

To remove the large oaktree with its close proximity to the garage structures, the restricted access to the tree and risk of damaging surrounding personal property was a risky job to undertake.

With your highly skilled and trained team of professionals we commend you on an excellent job completed. Great Job!

We are fortunate to have found you and would highly recommend you to anyone needing tree service.

You are the best.

Mike & Jane Bright
Bostock Hall, Cheshire

Date of Posting: 07 December 2016
Posted By: Mike & Jane Bright
Bostock Hall, Cheshire

Tree surgeon in Marple is extraordinarily professional!

It's not just the little things when working as a tree surgeon in Marple, it's the big things too! Especially when your client is dreading the removal of a 90 foot tree with restricted access in his garden. Perhaps this testimonial will encourage others that there's nobody better to trust for the removal of difficult trees than, Yes, it's Myers!

David Myers and his team arrived on site to the very minute we had agreed. This might seem like a small detail, but it demonstrated a professional and courteous approach which can be all too rare.

They set up their equipment and rigging with quiet but friendly efficiency and started cutting within half an hour of arrival. The tree in question was a 90 foot tall Lombardy poplar, in a very restricted work space with nearby buildings. By any standards, this would be regarded as a difficult and challenging job.

The tree was dismantled and removed with great skill, no fuss, no shouting and surprisingly quickly. An extraordinary display of professionalism and I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Myers Tree Care.

Removing this elderly tree was a job we were dreading because of its location.

Were we impressed with the work? We certainly were!

Thank you, Peter and family, Marple.

Date of Posting: 21 November 2016
Posted By: Peter Phillips
Marple, Stockport

Tree surgeon in Romiley makes no mess, no fuss

Our aim when working as a tree surgeon in Romiley is the same as throughout Stockport - to ensure every customer is as happy as this one!

2120Hi Dave & Myers Tree Care Team,

Thank you very much for your prompt help with the removal of the Birch Tree in our front garden.

From receiving recommendations from many people to use yourselves, to your response with your prompt quote then to your very great price. We received a few overpriced quotes from companies, but yours was great value-for-money for the job in hand.

A couple of days later the tree was safely taken down in sections in half a day and work carried out very professionally indeed, no mess and no fuss.

We would definately 100% recommend Myers Tree Care to all our friends and anyone asking. Our neighbours have already asked for your details.

Thank you and we will use you again.

Date of Posting: 17 November 2016
Posted By: Simon and Kerry
Romiley, Stockport

Tree surgeon in Tameside delivers excellent value

It's important when a tree surgeon in Tameside works in a Primary School to have the headmaster's full confidence and the best way to do that is to earn it. Our extremely high safety standards and ARB Association Approval put us a long way ahead of your run-of-the-mill tree surgeon too.

As the headteacher of a primary school, both safety and cost are important considerations when choosing tree surgeons. Myers Tree Care delivers excellent value and operates to the highest standards.

On his last visit to fell a dead tree, Dave Myers scheduled his arrival to avoid school busy times, worked safely and considerately, removed all associated debris and left the site in a first-rate condition. Previous visits have included a timely response to remove storm damage and scheduled maintenance of the grounds.

We also rely on their expertise to provide us with a 2 yearly survey of all of our trees to ensure that none ever pose any danger to the children and other school users. This work is carried out thoroughly and includes a comprehensive report.

Date of Posting: 14 November 2016
Posted By: Alvin Fell (Headteacher)
Flowery Field Primary School, Tameside

Tree surgeon in Stockport hits ARB high standards

It's a special day when a tree surgeon in Stockport receives praise like this from a Senior Arboricultural Association Inspector during their ARB re-approval!

Dear Dave,

Many thanks for a well organised visit yesterday, it was good to meet you again after all these years. I was very impressed by the professional image you present and the high quality of work seen. It's really heartening to visit a contractor doing so well in maintaining the Scheme's high standards.

As discussed I will wait a few days to complete my report so that I am able to sign off on a recommended outcome of 'Full Re-Approval'.

Date of Posting: 04 September 2016
Posted By: Senior Arboricultural Association Inspector

Who's the fastest tree surgeon in Stockport?

Which tree surgeon in Stockport gives a speedy and efficient tree care service like this? Yes, it's Myers!


Just to say what an efficient and excellent job, of felling the tree at the bottom of the garden. Thanks for the speedy service.

Regards, Barrie

Date of Posting: 21 August 2016
Posted By: Barrie Colohan

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