Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Manchester Tree Surgeon rescues Christmas!

Although much of our work is as a tree surgeon in Manchester and surrounding areas, we're not averse to travelling afar, especially if it presents an interesting arborial challenge. This job in Retford, Nottinghamshire was for a regular customer but was rather more of an emergency than we normally expect. We were delighted to respond quickly and give the customer peace of mind that his home was safe for Christmas!

24We have used and trusted Dave and his highly skilled team for over thirteen years and would use them as a benchmark for the industry.

His latest project began during the heaviest snow storm for decades, when five huge branches of a mature Cedar Atlas snapped under the weight of snow and created a dangerous situation especially to the bungalow adjacent to this tree.

On the 21-12-10, just before Christmas, two of the team arrived and in spite of the freezing conditions successfully removed and made safe the hung up branches and gave us peace of mind to enjoy Christmas.

They subsequently removed and felled the remaining tree limbs and trunk in their usual professional and safety conscious manner. I wish to thank them all for their professionalism and absolute regard and respect for safety, under extremely difficult conditions and I would recommend them for any project no matter what the demands were.

Date of Posting: 10 May 2011
Posted By: Roy Smith
Victorian Society member and woodland preservationist, Retford, Nottinghamshire