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Felling under the weather?

Working as a tree surgeon Stockport, we often have to fell trees due to disease. It’s unfortunate when this happens, but it’s sometimes necessary to stop the spread of disease and to prevent further trees having to be felled.

This week, the EU ordered millions of olive trees to be felled in southern Italy, as they are infected with a deadly microbe called Xylella fastidiosa, a bacterium spread by an aphid. They are afraid it will spread to other regions such as Tuscany and Umbria and even to other countries. The price of olive oil is expected to soar as the 11 million olive trees are chopped down. The deadly disease has already wiped out a million trees in Salento and can infect vines, almond trees and other crops causing plants to shrivel, leaving them incapable of bearing fruit.

Olive trees in southern Italy
Olive trees in southern Italy

It’s such a shame and no one likes to see so many trees felled, but it seems like it’s the best thing to do. Here at Myers Tree Care, part of our tree surgeon Stockport services is felling and dismantling mature trees within a particular section, often in confined spaces. It can be a tricky and dangerous thing to undertake and that’s why it’s vital that only a quality, experiences tree surgeon attempts to do anything of the sort.

There are also many different ways to fell trees such as Tree Felling “In One,” Sectional Tree Felling and Sectional felling with a mobile crane which completely depend on each individual case. Let’s hope the situation in Italy becomes manageable soon enough!