Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Wind Swept

We thought we’d gotten rid of the gale force winds here in Manchester, but according to the weather reports, we’re about to get some more! Just over a week ago, the whole of Greater Manchester was issued a severe weather warning for gale force winds that saw us experience winds of us to 70mph. The weather played havoc with the North West, pulling over aerials, satellite dishes, trees (hairy time to be a tree surgeon in Manchester!) and even some buildings had to been tended to. So God knows what these new gales will bring!

Whilst we’re on the subject of trees and we have your attention, we’ve got our weather warnings out of the way, so it’s time to tell you about one of our latest projects. You may have seen some of our updates on Facebook but in case you missed them, these are from our latest project!

We’ve been up in Oldham (pretty windy) clearing the site of the Oldham Waste Water Works. Despite running into a few slight problems, a thrown track on the chipper and a fast recovery from the collapsed crust in a sludge tank, we actually managed to get ahead of our schedule by a full week. Go us! Best tree surgeon in Manchester-award anyone?