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If you’ve got a tree that’s really bothering you, there’s no doubt that you could benefit from the expert tree services we’ve got on offer! The only question is how we could help you out as a tree surgeon in Manchester, as there are a couple of ways to deal with troublesome arboreal issues!

Tree pruning is a very common way of dealing with trees that have grown a little bit out of hand, and is a great way of keeping a tree healthy and problem free without having to take it down completely. Common reasons for doing it include the removal of dead wood, eliminating structural contact and removing potentially damaging hazards that may lead to even more problems in the future. If you spy branches that have gotten a little bit too long, or you’d rather have a nearby tree pruned away from your garden, you know which tree surgeon in Manchester to call!

Of course there’s always the more traditional option of felling a tree, and two ways to go about it once the decision to remove the tree has been made! While traditional felling entails chopping the tree down as you might expect it isn’t a technique which is particularly safe or practical in built up areas or locations where damages may occur or the risks might be too great. Instead, sectional felling is employed, whereby a tree is taken down in smaller, more manageable sections, which ensures that we can apply the kind of safety that makes us such a reliable tree surgeon in Manchester.

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When it comes to expert tree services that simply won’t let you down, we here at Myers Tree Care have got you covered! If you’ve been looking for a tree surgeon in Manchester and Stockport to take care of all your arboreal issues, we’re just waiting to hear from you! All you have to do is get in contact either by giving us a call or dropping us an email, and we’ll soon be down to lend you a highly professional helping hand!