Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Tree Care in Chilly Conditions

It’s been a pretty cold day for us down here at Myers Tree Care, though we expect nothing less from the coming months as it finally seems that autumn has finally arrived in full force! As the leaves fall from trees overhead to coat the ground in those beautiful brown colours that we’re all very familiar with, you might just find yourself wishing that they’d have been chopped down before they shed everything they had onto the front of your house, your car windshield and other very inconvenient places.

Unfortunately, however, that isn’t the strongest reason to go around taking down perfectly healthy trees. It can actually be quite difficult to decide when to do just that, and we’re no strangers to the questions that people often ask when it comes to leaving a tree standing or cutting it down safely. First, you should ideally ask how healthy the tree in question is. If enough of it is perfectly healthy and intact, there’s no real need to remove it from where it is. Leaves can often indicate if herbicides have had an ill effect on the tree, but they can usually recover naturally, and it’s typically at the point that half of a tree is dying or dead that we decide it needs to be removed.

When it comes to giving a tree a bit of a trim, however, that can actually help improve the health of a tree by ensuring it doesn’t grow too far and fail to support its own branches. As you might imagine, that can pose a bit of a problem for people down below, too, so we’re often called out to carry out expert and precise work on trees without having to take the whole thing down. If you feel like a tree near you could do with that treatment, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We here at Myers Tree Care are a team of consummate professionals who value top quality work above all else. If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Manchester and Stockport who can give you nothing but the best service when it comes to tree removal or other arboreal activities, make sure you have us in mind! You can always get in contact if you have any questions of queries, of course.