Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Time For a Trim

Sometimes a tree doesn’t need to be removed outright, but problems have cropped up which mean that action has to be taken. The most common of these, as you might imagine, is simply that the tree has grown long branches that weaken naturally and present a hazard to anyone walking below that might have an unexpected surprise from above! There’s a whole world of reasons why tree pruning is necessary, of course, but you might not have ever thought or known about all of them!

A proper trimming done carried out to the highest standards can really help to improve the health of a growing tree by removing dying branches or those that have already died, which of course has the fantastic side effect of removing the hazard of something heavy falling on people or property. In addition, the branch structure is reinforced and protected as a result of removing long or weak offshoots, meaning you’re left with a stronger and much sturdier tree than you had before!

Low hanging branches are easily removed, and in the case of diseased branches a quick removal is crucial to maintain the health of the tree in order to make sure it doesn’t need to be removed entirely. A solid pruning can also help shed light on gardens below, making the service we offer the perfect thing for residential properties feeling a little bit left in the shade.

It isn’t, however, a tree care service which just anyone can carry out. In fact, we wouldn’t advise you attempt tree pruning without the full knowhow and experience needed to work safely, efficiently and to the highest standard. Why not give us a call if you’ve spotted a tree that needs a bit of a trim? You’re guaranteed a quick response, alongside a quality service that aims to satisfy!

At Myers Tree Care, we might be highly experienced and extremely professional when it comes to tree removal in Manchester and Cheshire, but more often than not trees require a little care rather than a clean removal altogether. Our tree pruning service is always available, alongside the huge range of other things we’ll be able to do for you. Even if you’re looking to have brand new trees planted or you just need an appropriate amount of space cleared out, make sure you get in contact as soon as you can!