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Blown Away

Dear oh dear, have you seen the weather recently? The UK’s been dealing with the remnants of a particularly troublesome hurricane by the name of Gonzalo, and the wind has certainly been indicative of that – though we imagine you’re already well aware of that if you were caught outside whilst it tried its very best to knock you on your back!

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Know Your Stuff

Have you ever had a tree casting an unwanted shadow over your house or garden? It might not be too much of a concern now, in the middle of the autumn chill courtesy of October, but it can really be a bit of a downer when the sun comes out on a fantastic day only to be blocked by a tree that’s grown a little too thick. Tree pruning can be the solution to your problem, however, and it can even have a beneficial effect on the health of the entire plant.

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Tree Care in Chilly Conditions

It’s been a pretty cold day for us down here at Myers Tree Care, though we expect nothing less from the coming months as it finally seems that autumn has finally arrived in full force! As the leaves fall from trees overhead to coat the ground in those beautiful brown colours that we’re all very familiar with, you might just find yourself wishing that they’d have been chopped down before they shed everything they had onto the front of your house, your car windshield and other very inconvenient places.

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Time For a Trim

Sometimes a tree doesn’t need to be removed outright, but problems have cropped up which mean that action has to be taken. The most common of these, as you might imagine, is simply that the tree has grown long branches that weaken naturally and present a hazard to anyone walking below that might have an unexpected surprise from above! There’s a whole world of reasons why tree pruning is necessary, of course, but you might not have ever thought or known about all of them!

A proper trimming done carried out to the highest standards can really help to improve the health of a growing tree by removing dying branches or those that have already died, which of course has the fantastic side effect of removing the hazard of something heavy falling on people or property. In addition, the branch structure is reinforced and protected as a result of removing long or weak offshoots, meaning you’re left with a stronger and much sturdier tree than you had before!

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Let's Talk Tree Care

Trees are pretty amazing living things, when you think about it! They’re responsible for a long list of beneficial effects we enjoy on a day to day basis, such as the fresh air we regularly breathe, but that doesn’t mean they’re always a great thing to have nearby. The fact of the matter is that especially when it comes to the urban environment, trees can pose a real problem. They can grow out of hand, with thick roots which begin to warp roads and pavements, and parts of your property such as your driveway or even your underground plumbing can be suddenly put at risk. This is why an expert tree surgeon is often required, but the felling process poses its own risks to say the least!

You should never attempt any kind of tree felling without all the knowledge involved, as you might be risking more than damage to nearby houses and property. Even as much as a branch can become a real hazard! That’s exactly what we here at Myers Tree Care believe, and why we’re on hand to provide a deft and professional hand to help you out.

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