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Our Blog features some of the more off-the-wall topics that have caught our eye, plus a number of personal and fun items relating to our work as Manchester's premier tree surgeon. If you're a fan of Buzz, our newest canine member, then this is the place to learn more.

The Perfect Pick for Pruning

It’s often the case that a tree might grow a little too far above ground, with far reaching branches creating a canopy overhead that might look great in a photograph but cause an array of problems that we don’t imagine any homeowner isn’t familiar with. For one, a branch that gets too long is suddenly at risk of snapping under its own weight, especially when the wind picks up, and that can of course pose a danger for nearby people or property. An overgrown tree might just block the light to your garden, and that’s just as valid a reason to have it seen to!

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Great Grass, Good Call

We here at Myers Tree Care are often called out to help out on residential properties, where a tree might be casting too big a shadow or where its roots have begun to cause cracks, damages and other unwanted mishaps in the garden. Whether it’s through a little bit of pruning or a full blown sectional removal, we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely happy with the service you receive, and you’re certain to be left with a garden that looks just how you wanted.

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Taking Trees Down

Tree felling is a process by which trees are taken down completely, often out of necessity when a tree has become more of a danger to its surroundings than anything else, and out of all the tree care services we offer it’s probably the one that we take the most care with. We’ve seen far too many amateur jobs go wrong, and a quick trip onto YouTube is all that’s needed if you want to see just what a disaster it can be when a tree decides to fall the wrong way!

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A Safe Service for All

Here at Myers Tree Care, we’ve always got trustworthy organisations and personnel such as the Health and Safety Executive keeping a close eye on the work that we do, as the expert services we offer such as tree removal in Cheshire can certainly pose quite a few hazards without the proper precautions. We always follow every single guideline and procedure to the letter, however, making no exception so both our clients and our own team have nothing to be worried about!

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A Professional Service, Guaranteed

We’ve been busy bees these past few weeks, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting much time to rest any time soon! That’s fine by us of course, as we’re more than happy to lend an expert hand across all the services that we offer, and it gives us the chance to tell you all about what we could do for you. From simple tree pruning to the replanting of brand new seeds, we’re always carrying out a variety of tasks, but there’s one which is always especially popular – tree removal!

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