Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Tree Surgeon is an April Fool!

So what pranks were you subjected to yesterday by your family, friends and colleagues? Or were you the one doing the pranking? We do like April Fools’ Day here at Myer’s Tree Care and we love how even the various media outlets get it on the action. Jeremy Clarkson joining the Guardian’s drive for fossil fuel divestment? We don’t think so! But it’s a great little tradition that we have and we love to get into the spirit of the morning. However, there’s one thing we don’t kid around with and that’s our tree surgeon Stockport business.

Here at Myers Tree Care, we’ve been providing a specialist and professional service as a tree surgeon Stockport wide and the surrounding areas, since 1997. That’s nearly 20 years of experience under our belt and in that time we’ve managed to achieve a respected name for ourselves and a varied client base. We’re also approved by many private homeowners, councils and other organisations for our arboriculture services.

Our business is our bread and butter and that’s we take it so seriously. Tree surgery can be dangerous when not done properly so there’s no time for kidding around when we’re on the job – thank god for April Fools’ Day so we can let off some steam ay? If you’d like to find out more about our tree surgeon Stockport services please don’t hesitate to contact us.