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Italian Tree Felling

A couple of blogs ago we outlined the plan to cut down olive trees in Italy to stop the spread of a deadly tree bacterium that was threatening to spread along the region. Italian authorities have begun the process of felling a number of trees, however, many landowners and conservationists are upset labelling it an assassination.

Ancient Olive trees in Italy
Ancient Olive trees in Italy

It’s understandable that people would be upset over the felling of so many trees however, working in the tree surgeon Stockport business; we can appreciate the need from a professional sense. Infected trees may need to be felled, not only to stop the spread of a disease that could end up wiping out more trees, but also from a health and safety point of view. Once a tree has become infected it usually starts to decline with dead wood collecting in the canopy. As this pile up it can become a serious hazard pretty quickly. It could either fall on someone or in high winds, become dislodged and can damage property.

It’s a shame that the olive trees in Italy have fell victim to a bacterium. Here in the UK, we’ve seen devastation to the Horse Chestnut population that seems unlikely to be reversible and in the 1970s we suffered the Dutch Elm disease which saw thousands of trees being felled. In fact, seeing that happen was probably what made the Myers Tree Care, tree surgeon Stockport business become a reality! So, whilst we sympathise with the Italians over the felling of their olive trees, sometimes it does more good!