Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Going Green with More Trees

Being a professional Manchester tree surgeon is something that I’m proud of and I’m one of those rare people that enjoys going to work every day.

We’re living in a world where we’re all trying to be environmentally friendly and to save the planet, and believe it or not, but saving trees and planting more is a great way to help do this. Plus, it will mean I can use my Manchester tree surgeon skills on more trees – every cloud!

I read a recent news story in the Telegraph and they published a report identifying that “burning trees for electricity generation is in fact less green than burning coal”. These conclusions were made from Dr Anna Stephenson and Professor David Mackay for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. But we already knew that.

Trees have an important role to play when it comes to saving the environment, as they help to absorb the greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion process. So all in all, tree burning in power stations as a replacement to coal isn’t a wise idea and the number of tree planting and the restocking of timber crops in the UK is lower than the government targets. Therefore, the demand for more trees is higher than ever.

We will keep an eye on this and if more trees are planted and less trees are burnt in power stations, then it means more work for this Manchester tree surgeon!