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Forest Trees Catches a Disease

I didn’t mean for the title of this blog to rhyme – I’m not just a pretty tree surgeon in Manchester! Sadly, I’m not here to write you a poem, I’m here to tell you about something more serious that I read in the news today.

There has been an outbreak of a fungus-like disease over in the Belvoir forest in Belfast, which ultimately means that thousands of trees will have to be cut down. As a professional tree surgeon in Manchester, I’m always sad when trees have to be removed, but in this case, it’s the right decision.

This disease is commonly known as sudden oak death, which contains various strains called Phytophthora ramorum causing the fatal end of a tree. 6,500 trees will be removed, but it will help prevent the disease from spreading further. This will have a detrimental effect on the forest, but it will also be beneficial for the surrounding trees and gardens. The tree surgeons will take great care in ensuring that no animals, other trees or passer-by’s will be harmed in the process.

It is a sad story, but fortunately, this type of disease isn’t common in the UK and it’s just unfortunate that this happened – something that every tree surgeon in Manchester wants to hear!

If there is a tree that you know of it that may be affected by a natural disease, or it simply needs some tender loving care, then please get in touch with Myers Tree Care today. We’ll make sure that our best tree surgeon in Manchester is sent out to you – which means any one of our professionals will be on their way! Contact us today for more information.