Myers Tree Care in Manchester

Blown Away

Dear oh dear, have you seen the weather recently? The UK’s been dealing with the remnants of a particularly troublesome hurricane by the name of Gonzalo, and the wind has certainly been indicative of that – though we imagine you’re already well aware of that if you were caught outside whilst it tried its very best to knock you on your back!

Strong winds are trouble in a lot of ways, but they have hazardous implications especially where trees are concerned. Things such as falling branches are always a concern, but under stress and the unusually strong assault from winds like the ones we’ve been having, there’s even more risk that branches overhead have been shaken loose. Smaller ones may snap and be sent flying, and even larger ones than normal might be left hanging dangerously overhead.

This is where a highly experienced tree surgeon is needed, as the removal of these branches and the tidying up of trees is an essential after care operation following strong gusts. For the sake of people below and property such as cars, we’re certainly at the ready to come and deal with any outstanding problems with only the highest standards of work provided by our team of consummate professionals – all you need to do is give us a call if you spot anything that needs immediate attention!

Here at Myers Tree Care, we’re experts when it comes to dealing with trees no matter what kind of day it is! Even if the winds are blowing up a gale, if it’s safe to get up there and carry out the work that needs to be done then we won’t shy away from carrying out the very same quality work as we always do. Make sure you get in contact if you’ve been in need of a tree surgeon in Manchester, and always keep your eyes peeled for any loose branches that might pose a danger!